Mercury Paper Thin TV/FM Aerial 120.515UK

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A lightweight, paper-thin aerial. Ideal to be fixed to a window or an outside facing wall, capable of receiving Digital Terrestrial TV and DAB/FM radio signals. The easy to conceal, transparent design means the aerial won’t restrict your view. It comes with an extra-long RF (Coaxial) lead, meaning you can position it in the area you receive the best signal in your home.

  • Lightweight, paper-thin aerial that can be fixed either to a window or an outside facing wall
  • Compatible with Digital Terrestrial TV and DAB/FM radio signals.
  • Easy to conceal, transparent design
  • Supplied with extra-long 3m RF (Coaxial) lead, making it easy for you to position in the area with the best reception in your home.
  • Available as a standalone unit or with additional mains powered amplifier for areas with poor signal strength or situated away from the broadcast tower.




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