LR-Link Dual-port 10G SFP+ Network Card PCIex8 LREC9812BF-2SFP+


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The network card is equipped with 2 SFP+ slots, each with a throughput of 10 Gb/s. The device supports PCIe v3.0 x8, but it is also compatible with x16. The main application of LREC9812BF-2SFP+ is in various servers where a high-performance network card is needed.

In the set, you will find two brackets – one with a low profile and the other with a high profile.

The LR-Link LREC9812BF-2SFP+ features a next-generation chipset – Intel X710. It is well-suited for virtualization, supports PXE boot, and VLAN according to the IEEE 802.1q standard. If you are using Microsoft Receive Side Extension or Linux Extensible I/O, the network card will be able to balance network load across multiple CPU cores.

The offered product is designed for use with various operating systems. It supports Windows and Windows Server, various Linux distributions with kernel 3.x or newer, as well as VMware ESX/ESXi version 4.x or later. You can find the full list of supported systems in the specifications.



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