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Camry CR4410 Espresso Coffee Machine 1000W

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  • Pressure espresso and cappuccino coffee machine
  • A device intended for ground coffee
  • Pump pressure: 15 bars
  • Touch panel with 4 buttons: intuitive coffee preparation, hot water and steam generation
  • Blue indicator light indicates that the coffee is ready to be brewed
  • Red indicator light indicates that the milk is ready for frothing
  • Cappuccino system mixes water steam with milk and air to form a cappuccino foam
  • Heating system ensures a constant water temperature throughout the entire brewing process
  • Two thermostats precisely maintain the temperature for the effect of perfect coffee 95°C and fothed milk 145°C
  • 3 functions: 1. Making coffee. 2. Generating steam to froth the milk for cappuccino coffee. 3. Hot water function for drinks, machine cleaning or cup heating
  • 3 programs: 1. Automatic program for preparing 1 cup of coffee. 2.  Automatic program for preparing 2 cups of coffee at the same time 3. Manual coffee preparation program for any volume
  • Regulation of steam emission for frothing the milk
  • Sound signaling the end of automatic programs
  • Ability to stop the flow of water at any time
  • Double steel filter extracts the depth of taste and aroma from ground coffee
  • Two separate steel filters for ground coffee with a capacity adapted to 1 and 2 cups of coffee
  • Auto shut-off after 25 minutes saves energy
  • Stainless steel heated desktop for heating cups
  • Removable transparent water tank 1600 ml
  • Removable drip tray and frothing nozzle facilitate cleaning
  • Overheat and overpressure protection
  • Device dimension: 270 x 234 x 292 mm
  • Power 850W
  • Maximum power 1000W
  • Power supply 220-240V ~50/60Hz


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