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Baseus Headphones In Ear TWS Bowie E5x Black

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  • TWS Baseus Bowie E5x are wireless in-ear headphones with an unusual design that makes them look like they levitate. With their blue accents and transparent elements, the headphones have an unusual character.
  • Built-in Bluetooth 5.3 ensure low power consumption and high data rates, and the ability to connect two devices simultaneously between which you can switch freely. Touch panels allow you to conveniently and intuitively control listening or answer calls. Two microphones equipped with artificial intelligence-assisted noise cancellation technology will ensure that your voice is perfectly audible to your audience – the microphones extract it from the noise cancellation.
  • The total operating time of the headphones is 25 hours during which you can listen to music or play games with gaming mode enabled offering up to 60ms delay. The ultra-thin PEEK polyurethane diaphragm offers excellent sound quality and an aesthetically pleasing design. Sound interesting? That's not all!
  • The Bowie E5x are headphones with a modern design achieved through a design that uses a transparent dome to show the internal electronics, looking as if the headphone pocket is levitating inside. The headphones themselves also feature a transparent dome, underneath which is a sleek ultra-thin PEEK polyurethane diaphragm that has a blue color accent. Blue lights built into the case complete the stylish look and help you find the case at night and place the headphones in the appropriate compartments.
  • Each headphone has a 35mAh battery that allows for 6 hours of use, which can be extended to 25 hours with the 330mAh battery in the case. Thanks to fast-charging technology, it only takes 10 minutes to extend the working time by 2 hours.
  • The improved Bluetooth 5.3 not only allows a stable connection without interference, but also provides low power consumption and high data rate for smooth listening. This is especially important in gaming, when only a fraction of a second separates you from victory. TWS Baseus Bowie E5x feature a gaming mode that minimizes latency to 60ms for flawless synchronization between audio and video. The headphones offer Bluetooth connectivity for two devices at once, so you can simultaneously connect to your computer and phone at the same time.
  • The TWS Baseus Bowie E5x will work great for people who frequently talk using headphones. They feature two microphones equipped with artificial intelligence-assisted noise cancelling technology. With this solution, outside sounds are drowned out and your voice is caught and amplified. The headphones have touch panels with which you can manage calls, but also switch between songs, pause and resume them or call a voice assistant.
  • Discover even more possibilities with the Baseus app! With its help, you can determine the location of your headphones, find them with the help of audible sound, assign other commands to touch panels, check how much battery is left and more!



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