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AJAX FIBRA DoorProtect G3 White

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  • ** The FIBRA products can only be installed after receiving authorised certification directly from AJAX. Contact [email protected] for more information on how to obtain the certification license
  • DoorProtect G3 Fibra is designed to detect intrusion and burglary attempts, offering comprehensive coverage for doors, windows, skylights, and vaults. The detector is equipped with two reed switches as opening sensors and a magnetometer for protection against magnet spoofing. Two sizes of magnets provide more mounting options. The device also identifies shock and tilt with a built-in accelerometer, protecting the facility even when windows are in airing mode. All in line with the Ajax user experience, ensuring quick and easy installation of the device
  • DoorProtect G3 Fibra features two durable reed switches with a minimum service life of 1,000,000 openings, guaranteeing decades of trouble-free operation. Housed in resilient plastic capsules, these switches remain intact even in cases of drops or transportation, ensuring the detector’s effective functionality irrespective of magnet placement
  • The integrated high-end magnetometer records local magnetic field data during calibration, allowing the sensor to identify and monitor the installed magnet. Immediate alarms are triggered by any changes in the magnetic field, providing protection against magnet spoofing. The straightforward calibration process and adjustment of sensitivity levels in the app ensure precise interference detection and eliminate false alarms. Plastic spacers in the mounting kit reduce the impact of metal surfaces when the detector is installed, for example, on the vault door
  • The built-in accelerometer responds swiftly to shocks, detecting potential burglary attempts such as door forcing and vault breaking. The shock sensor has three levels of sensitivity, which can be adjusted to match the secured facility specifics. The detector can also ignore a single impact to minimize the risk of false alarms triggered by external factors. Whether there are vibrations from neighboring constructions or heavy passing traffic, the installer can choose the most appropriate settings for accurate detection
  • The built-in accelerometer is designed to protect open windows, seamlessly adapting to diverse facility requirements. Installers can select a normal tilt angle for doors or windows, ranging from 5 to 25 degrees. The system swiftly detects even the slightest deviations from the usual position and provides customizable tilt detection durations, ranging from 1 second to 1 minute. In case the tilt angle surpasses the specified threshold for an extended period, the system raises an alarm









Up to 2000 meters

Shock Detector

Shock Detector

Tilt Detector

Tilt Detector


Grade 3,CE

Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor

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