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What is a Shiatsu Massage and Shiatsu Massage Devices?

What is Shiatsu Massage?

Shiatsu is a  famous type of massage therapy that has expanded from Japan worldwide. It focuses on restoring balance in the person by using finger pressure to improve the flow of his or her “qi” (the body’s vital energy). Scientific researches into the health positives of shiatsu has not been conclusive, but there are signs that this type of therapy promotes relaxation and can help relieve pain and improve sleep.

Nowadays lots of shiatsu massage devices such as pillows, chair pads, and etc can mimic the sensations of a manual shiatsu massage from the comfort of your home.

Homedics Shiatsu Massagers

How Shiatsu Works?

During shiatsu massage therapy, a therapist applies repeated, rhythmic finger pressure to various points on the body to relieve tension and promote the flow of qi energy These are acupressure points—places where the therapist can access the flow of qi, according to shiatsu principles. The therapist applies deep, continuous pressure with fingers and palms. The practitioner will usually hold the pressure for up to 8 seconds before moving on to the next pressure point.

Some styles of shiatsu massage therapy also incorporate stretching to further manipulate the muscles. A shiatsu massage is similar to some other popular massage techniques, but with several important differences in application and principle.

When time or financial circumstances make booking a professional shiatsu massage difficult, Shiatsu Massage Devices come to provide a relaxing shiatsu massage experience. Self-massaging shiatsu chair pads and other devices can bring some of the tension-relieving benefits to your home. Shiatsu massage cushions, for example, imitate the kneading motions of a shiatsu therapist’s hands to deliver firm pressure on any compatible chair.

A more portable solution, shiatsu head and neck massagers incorporate massaging nodes into wraps or pillows. Shiatsu foot massagers also exist to provide soothing relief for tired feet. When using a shiatsu massage device at home, adjust the intensity of the kneading so that it’s not painful or irritating.

Benefits and Uses Of Shiatsu Massage

  • Relaxation
  • Balance
  • Energy
  • Improved posture

At-home shiatsu massage devices may contribute to similar benefits, including tension relief for muscles, when combined with a healthy lifestyle. If you have any existing injury, muscle strain, or are recovering from a bone fracture, you should not undergo shiatsu massage therapy. If the injury is completely localized, you can inform the massage therapist to avoid it. If you are using a self-massaging device, don’t apply it near existing injuries.

Uses for shiatsu massage include both treatments that are research-based and treatments that haven’t yet been proven successful by scientists. A variety of health conditions, including the below:

  • Continues pains (often neck, shoulder, and lower back pain)
  • Arthritis pain
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Tension, stress, anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Sciatica
  • Menstrual issues

Whether you schedule a manual massage or choose a shiatsu massage device at-home, you can use the time to calm your mind and enjoy the soothing pressure. When deciding on a shiatsu massager for your home, look for a model that kneads in all four directions across your back and neck.

Note: This content is provided for informational purposes only and not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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