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Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Basic Black

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  • Your favourite piston design, but lighter.
  • We used the same movable piston design found in all In-Ear Headphones for the sound chamber. Made from strengthened polycarbonate for lighter weight and enhanced comfort, without compromising the structure of the sound chamber. Press play and let the powerful bass amaze you.
  • High-strength, pure cooper voice coil delivers great sound quality with enhanced durability.
  • The voice coil is the heart of your headphones, and we have chosen the high-strength, pure copper ones for faster transient response and extended sound-element life.
  • Damping system absorbsnoise for a purer music experience.
  • Sound waves produced in headphones reflect back onto the diaphragm, compromising sound quality. By absorbing unwanted, reflected waves, the damping system enhances your music by delivering a clearer sound.
  • Durable, break resistant, Kevlar fiber cable.
  • The Mi In-Ear Headphones have cables covered with TPE and made of Kevlar fibers-the same kinds used in bulletproof vests.
  • The high-quality cables feature enhanced strength and resistance to breaking and kinking. Its smooth surface resists tangling.