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Sonoff SwitchMan R5 Scene Controller


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  • When you have too many smart devices, and they are distributed in different rooms but don't want to control them through your phone? You need an R5 scene remote controller at this time, R5 can be added to the eWeLink-Remote gateway to control all devices in the eWeLink APP using three trigger ways in the scene
  • SONOFF R5 is the module that can transmit the “eWeLink-Remote” signal, we also named it “eWeLink-Remote sub-devices”. R5 scene remote controller can be added to the smart devices featuring the "eWeLink-Remote" gateway, like M5 smart wall switch, MNINI R3 smart switch and B05-BL smart LED bulb , can not only control all products with eWeLink-Remote gateway when there is no network connection locally but also controls any other SONOFF smart device in the smart scene when there is a network connection. It is "eWeLink-Remote" Control, click to learn more
  • Use R5 with SONOFF M5 Switchman Smart Wall Switch, the same light can be controlled on both sides of the room even when M5 is offline. Never worry and spend time on two-way or multi-way control wiring. You can stick R5 on the wall as a switch, or take it off as a remote controller. One eWeLink-Remote gateway can add up to 8 R5 scene remote controllers


  • Scene Control : All SONOFF devices can be controlled by setting the smart scenes when the internet connection is available
  • eWeLink-Remote” Control : Control the device which has the eWeLink-Remote gateway feature even offline, 90M remote control without Network
  • Multi Trigger Ways : Trigger the smart scene by clicking, double click, or long-press. Up to 18 trigger actions to set different scenes
  • Two-way or Multi-way Control : Simple way to achieve two-way or multi-way control by eWeLink-Remote with M5 smart wall switch
  • Free-wiring Stick-on : Pasted with 3M adhesive or easily use by Magnetic attraction
  • Note : SONOFF M5 smart switch and S40/S40 LITE smart plus are “eWeLink-Remote gateway, which can be used with R5 remote controller to realize two-way or multi-ways control without wiring even M5/MINIR3/B02-BL/B05-BL/S40/S40 LITE is offline


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