ENCHEN Rotary Shaver Black Stone-C

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Xiaomi Lifestyle ENCHEN Rotary Shaver Black Stone-C

Dual Ultrathin Razor Net. 3D Floating Razor Heads.
Long Life Li-ion Battery.
USB Charging. Pop-up Trimmer.
Two Circles Razor Net.
Charging time: 1 hour, Rated voltage: 5V, Rated walt: 5W


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Three independent floating blades
Xiaomi’s personal care products are more than renowned for their quality of manufacture and performance as well as their low price. Now the Xiaomi Enchen Blackstone shaver has been added to the family with a floating and independent 3D triple blade system, which provides a smooth and safe shave by not putting pressure on your skin and reaching areas that are difficult for other shavers to reach. The result is a more comfortable, easier and safer process.

Double-blade blades
In addition to the 3D movement, its independent blades hide other features that increase the efficiency of your shave, such as the use of a double blade to reach even the shortest hairs in a single pass.

90 minutes autonomy and Plug-and-play
You won’t be stuck in the middle of work either, as the Xiaomi Enchen Electric Shaver Blackstone is equipped with a large capacity battery with an autonomy of up to 90 minutes. Once it reaches its limit, you can plug the cable into its USB C port and continue to use it while it charges, or wait 60 minutes to get a full charge.

Maintains full power even at low battery level
The Xiaomi Echen Blackstone is also powered by a rechargeable battery with ESM (Energy Smart Manager) technology. This system maintains a constant speed and power operation even when the battery level is low, resulting in a much cleaner, even shave.

Removable head, easy to clean under water
To ensure the durability of our Xiami Enchen shaver, it is best to clean it properly after every shave. Remove the head from the machine, wash it under water and let it dry so that it is perfect for its next use.


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