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Cyberpower BPSE72V45ART2U Battery Pack for OLS R/M

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CyberPower BPSE72V45ART2U is an Extended Battery Module (EBM) which can be used in conjunction with compatible UPS systems to provide prolonged system runtime during power interruption. The battery module comes with DC plug-and-play power connectors to allow for adding multiple EBMs.

The product features hot-swappable battery packs, allowing users to safely replace battery module without interrupting connected loads. The sealed lead-acid battery used within the EBM is stable and safe, which ensures the power system's reliable performance. Designed with industrial-grade metal enclosure, the product is suitable for data center and critical applications.

  • Rack/Tower Convertible Configurations
  • Sealed Lead-acid Batteries
  • Hot-swappable Batteries
  • EBM Expansion Capability
  • Metal Housing


UPS Battery Pack

Hot-Swappable Battery



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