Baseus Telescopic Phone Holder With 15W Wireless Qi Charger

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  • 15W high-power fast charging: 15W high-power output for fast charging at once
  • Free telescopic movement: The holder height can be freely adjusted to find a suitable posture for you, more comfortable to watch live show and TV series
  • Two placement methods are supported: support horizontal or vertical placement for mobile phones, tablets and learning machines, you can watch movies freely when sitting or half lying down
  • Aluminum alloy material: Quality metal material, exquisite and luxurious hand feeling, aesthetic and texture
  • Cross silicone wire clamp: Easily sort the wires to prevent the wires from interwining and knocking down the mobile phone: neat and not messy
  • Four-corner antiskid base: The anti-skid foot pad at the bottom is designed to reinforce and stabilize, so that it is fixed without shaking when knocking, typing, and vibrating for incoming calls
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Size: 100*100*200mm(Before stretching)/100*100*265mm(After stretching)


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